MODN ROLE MODL #1 - Sally Rugg

Public crusader - Excellent Lesbian

Sally Rugg makes me proud to be a woman, an Australian, a mother.

My favourite thing to have come out of the last few years, apart from the new Australian $5 note and the re-acceptance of high waisted flared trousers, has been the surge of political and cultural awareness in (dare I say it) Millennials. This growing passion to self educate ourselves on current events - whether they are national, international, or within our community, is no longer considered ‘radical’. And now, thanks to our dear friend, The Internet, we’re able to learn, communicate, demonstrate and unite, more than ever(thanks, pal).

On this quest for enlightenment, it’s only natural to come across people who we trust to let us know what the f*@#% is up - someone with a recognised credibility that we gravitate towards. And if you're lucky enough, this wont be the first time you've heard the name, Sally Rugg.

Sally(28), a Sydney based political activist, is a colourful feminist and proud queer. Most days you'll be able to find her at GetUp! HQ, where she works as a campaign director. Her main brain child has been leading the campaign for Marriage Equality in Australia, but she still somehow finds the time to work with other LGTBQIA+ issues and, more recently, has been involved in the campaign to save the Safe School program. You may also remember her from such places as; rallies, Parliament, viral videos on your Facebook feed and the pub. Sally is regarded as one of Australia’s ‘up and coming’ young community activists - and she also just happens to be my sister.

As well as her genetic predisposition for wit, ingenuity and damn good looks, Sally has always been a leader. Whether it was taking the reigns in writing, directing and staring in our home theatre productions from the age of 5, or captaining the recent endeavour to stop the Plebiscite. Her innate ability to encapsulate people while fighting the good fight is truly inspiring - And it’s because of those reasons (and none pertaining to nepotism) that she is our first ever featured MODN ROLE MODL.

When asked about what the idea of being a mother means to her - Sally explained that “(she was) more inclined to use the word parent rather than mother. Mother lends itself to an idea of a traditional, nuclear family – mum, dad, 2.5 kids. It also ascribes gender roles that are often untrue and restrictive (i.e. the mother stays home, does the house work and nurtures). There are also many families that won’t have a mother, so I try to use parent unless I’m talking about someone specifically who identifies themselves as that.”.

In the same breath - she gushes about her two year old niece, and the dynamic of unwavering support she has created between Sally and her two sisters. A special mention also went out to her (OUR) loving mother, to whom she attributes her interest in current events, creativity and niche sense of humour.

There are undeniable themes throughout all the work that Sally does and the way she lives her life - equality, acceptance, love and support, and the belief that everyone should be entitled to them. She succinctly explained that: “…as people we have a calling to unite against patriarchal systems and narratives that oppress all of us”, and that is the clear driving force behind everything she is working towards. The combination of her fierce and unwavering conviction and her hilarious approach to campaign videos, makes Sally a widely accessible source of political education that is fun for the whole family (disclaimer: please check for inappropriate content before sharing with minors).


If you’re hungry for a laugh and some brain food - follow the links below to feed your mind and satisfy your soul (BYO lunch).

Marriage equality rally

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